Sunday, 26 April 2015

My week #17

This week I am using my Webster's planner, well not so much using it.... more like I wanted to use the gold weekend bunting sticker so I went with a gold theme and I knew it would look nicer against the gold and white of this planner.  I can't quite face moving all my stuff into the Webster properly just yet.  I did have a thought about why and what I am going to do but I will share that with you after National Stationery Week is over.

My week #17

Most of the week has revolved around me taking photos of all the prizes I will be giving away for #NatStatWeek.  I have also been writing lots of posts and getting them scheduled so I will have time to join in with all the fun instead of trying to write a post each day.  Yes I have planned ahead!

Close up

Close up

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the first giveaway of the week, especially if you love pens! Hint, hint!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My week #16

We are finally enjoying some blue skies and sunny days so I went with a pretty blue theme this week.  The blue bird washi tape always makes me happy when I use it.

My week in my Filofax #16

I spent most of the week working away on getting things ready for 
National Stationery Week.  You can read a bit more about it in the post I wrote yesterday.  Make sure you stop by here each day next week for a chance to win some prizes from Zebra Pen UKNucoLeuchtturm 1917Dodo PadArtbox and a couple of surprises too.  

Close up

Close up

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

National Stationery Week - less than one week to go!

So as I have mentioned before it is National Stationery week here in the UK next week and to celebrate I have arranged some lovely prizes to give away!  

The week starts on the 27th April and each day has it's own theme as you can see on the photo below.  National Stationery Week is all about celebrating our love of stationery and bringing fellow stationery addicts together.  There are lots of fun competitions and special offers going on during the week, make sure you follow @NatStatWeek on Twitter to be kept up to date and their Facebook page too.  

Themes for the week

Last year I joined in by taking a photo for each day of the week and sharing it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the tag #NatStatWeek as well as writing a blog post about it.  This year I will be doing the same as well as running several giveaways and reviewing some fun new products.  Make sure you stop by here every day so you don't miss out on the prizes!

If you are in London there is a stationery trail you can follow.  I really wish I could do it, look at all the fabulous shops that are part of it!

#NatStatWeek stationery trail

If you are not in the UK and are feeling left out, don't!  The 29th April is World Stationery Day, yes this year it has gone global!  Also if you aren't in the UK you can still join in in the fun, if you love stationery and putting pen to paper then please get involved and maybe next year we could be celebrating World Stationery Week together!

World Stationery Day

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Planner Friday - April

It is that time again, my new design team post is up over on Twine it up! With Trendy Twine.

Welcome to another Planner Friday!  Can you believe it is April already?  I am feeling full of the joys of spring this month and I wanted to reflect that in my pages!    

Planning my week

Last month I mentioned a new set of stamps that I would be sharing with you in this post, they are these fabulous Check It Off Planner Stamps.  I have been having so much fun using this set in my Filofax for the past month but they are also the perfect size to fit in your Erin Condren planners too.  I especially like the hearts, stars and square check boxes, it is so nice being able to just stamp them instead of drawing each one by hand now! 

You can read the rest of my post here.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My week #15

Inspired by my Brimbles Box I went with an April showers theme for this week.  I also used the diary inserts from my Webster's Pages planner instead of my regular Filofax pages for a change. 

My week in my Filofax #15

I have been working away behind the scenes again sorting out things for National Stationery Week, apart from Christmas it is my favourite time of year!  I have arranged for some fab prizes to give away during the week so keep an eye out for those and join in with the fun.

Close up

Close up

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Webster's Pages colour crush planner review

I will start this by saying I wasn't looking to buy a new planner! I was perfectly happy in my bright pink Original Filofax but I had seen the colour crush planners everywhere and they had piqued my interest.  Then on the Thursday before Easter Create and Craft dropped the price to £19.99 and I couldn't resist placing an order!  I received the parcel the following Tuesday which is pretty speedy considering Friday and Monday were bank holidays so that was a nice surprise.

I have taken lots and lots of photos for you because I want to show you all of the different inserts that come with the planner.

It comes in it's own pretty box

First view inside

Colour crush planner in white & the stickers that come with it

Gold interior and inspirational dash

Another dashboard so you can choose your favourite

First divider - write it down

This section has space for your thoughts, ideas
and dreams

Second divider - memory keeping

This section has pages for recording things that happen
each month, sketches, quotes & memories

Third divider - lists to love

This section has space for your to do lists, monthly goals,
meal planning & shopping lists 

Fourth divider - staying inspired

Pretty paper with a positive quote

I absolutely love these Dream Big pages, they're so sweet!

Fifth divider - calendar

Monthly tabs

A month on two pages overview with a section for notes

Behind the month on two pages inserts is more space for
notes and reminders

You also get a week on two pages diary & this
gold spotty page marker

Quote on the last page, a clear pocket, elasticated pen
loop & a little notebook that slots in the back

The back view

Webster's Pages logo on the spine

View from the top, look at those massive rings!

So far so good right?  Here are a couple of things I am not so happy with.

There is a gap...

... in the top and bottom rings

and the finish feels kind of cheap

The gaps on the rings are small and so far the pages aren't catching on them.  I have tried repeatedly opening and closing the rings to see if that would fix the problem but I haven't seen any improvement.  The gaps aren't big enough for me to complain or want to return it to Create and Craft but they have annoyed me a little, especially when the planner was tucked away safely in it's own box.  Also maybe I am being overly picky about the finish?  I feel like I got what I paid for at £19.99 but if I had brought one at the full price of £39.99 I wouldn't have been impressed. 

I do like the range of inserts that come with the planner, they are all pretty and practical but I haven't been won over by the binder.  Here is my list of pros and cons:

  • wide range of inserts supplied 
  • comes with a choice of dashboards and two sets of dividers
  • the rings are gold
  • the rings are bigger than the rings of a personal size Filofax
  • it is pretty
  • comes in it's own gift box
  • colourful and fun
  • gaps in the rings
  • cheap finish
  • the black pen loop looks out of place on the white binder
  • expensive if you buy one at full price

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this planner.  I can throw it into rotation with my other binders and use it as and when the mood takes me but I don't think I would buy any more of them unless the quality improves. 

Do you own one, am I being a bit harsh?

Saturday, 11 April 2015

My week #14

I am still playing catch up after being ill so here is my Easter week!  I had more space for decoration than usual because it was a holiday week and I didn't have much going on.  I try not to schedule anything for while my children are off school, it always seems easier to get things done during term time.

My week in my Filofax #14

I used some of my Check It Off Planner Stamps for added decoration, it was the first time I got to have a proper play with them.  I think the double banner one is cute and I love the heart stamp I used to highlight the Easter weekend.  It is a really fun set!
Close up

Close up

I brought a new planner on the Thursday and it arrived this week so I will be reviewing it for you soon.  I know I didn't need another one but it was on sale and I couldn't resist 50% off!  If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen it.

Have a great weekend!